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Edmonton tire stores. Used tires rhode island. How to rotate tires on 4x4.

Edmonton Tire Stores

edmonton tire stores

    tire stores
  • (Tire store) retail outlet selling tires and offering vehicle repair services.

  • Edmonton can refer to a number of places: * Edmonton, Alberta, Canada * Edmonton Capital Region, Canada * Edmonton, London, United Kingdom ** Edmonton (hundred), an ancient hundred in north Middlesex ** Municipal Borough of Edmonton, a local government (1850-1965)

  • Edmonton was an ancient hundred in the north of the county of Middlesex, England. Its former area has been mostly absorbed by the growth of London and it now corresponds to the London Borough of Enfield and parts of the London Borough of Barnet and London Borough of Haringey in Greater London

  • The capital of the province of Alberta, in western Canada, on the North Saskatchewan River; pop. 703,070

  • the capital of the province of Alberta

Day 275.

Day 275.

I'm so busy lately, it's wonderful.
I chill with a person every day and it's starting to take a toll on my hip.
Stupid thing just quit hurting.
Anyway, today was good except for not being able to see Steph.
I went downtown, and brought my film to get developed.
The man working there was so nice, he made me smile and that made me happy.
I saw a puppy tied up outside and he was adorable and shivvering so I said hi to him.
Then I felt like crappy, and went on the computer.
Kassy was bored so she said she'd come see me.
I went and picked up my film, and I wrote this on my way back to the library..
"like it so much when strangers put me in a good mood. Frick i felt so crappy but the guy at the camera store made me so happy i don't even know why. He was just so nice and friendly. Plus he was pretty good lookin if i do say so myself. These pictures turned out so sweet. I'm so excited. Kassy is coming to meet up with me downtown for a little bit That'll be nice then tonight i'm seeing be kind rewind with Stephanie. :) :) :) i just really hope that my parents don't find out i skipped."
The man at the camera store was like "ya I looked for some polaroid sx-70 film (cause I asked earlier that day) and there is none : ( "
and I was like mehhh it's okay then he said "Where'd you find that kind of camrea anyway"
"yeahhh it prob won't work very wellll"

Then I read some books and a guy told me to cheer up.
I told him I wasn't sad, just tired. : )
It was cute though.
Then Kassy came and we toook some really awesome pictures.
She's been lots of fun lately and I talk a lot around her, not like how it was at school.
At school I never really talked to her, and at school I usually avoid talking to anybody anyway.
Then I went to go see Stephanie but the frikn bus took so long I was pissing my pants.
Alecia was on the bus, and she was being soooo stupid
and makig stupid comments
and some guy came from the front and was like
"I'm gonna try this once, shut the fuck up"
ahhaha it was brilliant and I couldn't stop smiling.
Then I got to southgate around like.. 4:20 or something 4:30 probably.
So I sat there till like 5:30 and was like ;(
"she's goneeee"
I was wating for the 80 cap, and I dropped my phone and it slid across mud and junk
and this guy picked it up for me
and wiped it off on his scarf and gave it to me.
So nice.
Then the bus ride home took an hour, I almost fell asleep.
My mom got me DQ and now here I am.

Intensity (Explored August 1/09)

Intensity (Explored August 1/09)

Are you guys tired of Indy images yet? I have a few more I'd like to show you. This is one of them.

To be completely truthful: I couldn't care less about car racing. During the race, I was sitting in the stands feeling my butt go numb, watching cars go round and round. It was slightly more interesting than a trip to Wal-Mart (I have this notion that your IQ drops six points each time you go into that store...but that's another story) but a LOT louder.

The actual race which was ninety plus fricking laps around the track. I watched for as long as I could...about twenty minutes. The guy who started in first, finished in first. I tried to tell myself I could get excited about this.

Taking pictures from the stands sucks. There is always someone with a large hat in the way...or someone sauntering directly into your frame. So, I took my camera and went onto the grounds.

But I have been to the Indy every year for the last four years. Why?


There are pictures everywhere...interesting people doing interesting things. There's speed and beautiful girls and beer. There's noise and smoke (from the cars) and sun.

Take this driver, for example.

He's seconds away from getting into his car.

There was a second -- just a second of complete intensity when he was putting his helmet on. He stood like this for about the same amount of time it takes me to draw a breath...and a few seconds later he was in his car, tearing out of the pits like a guy with irritable bowel syndrome six miles away from the nearest bathroom.

See why I love the Indy?

edmonton tire stores

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